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The company can offer several diverse services within Surveying and Hydrological Engineering in response to the variable needs of our clients and in order to cementing exercise of designing and engineering in both the field and office indoors. Actually, we deliver the following consultancy services:

Geographic Information Services (GIS).

Global Positioning System (GPS).

Hydrological Surveying Operations.

Designing services in link with communications field.


A Well designed irrigation system delivers the required amount of water to all parts of the area to be irrigation at the required rate without damage to the soil or excessive loss of water.
Gamma play a major rule in Typogroaphic irrigation in selecting :-
  1. The method of irrigation .
  2. Estimating the number and kind of water control structures needed.
  3. Determining the needs for the land leveling .
  4. The relative elevations of the source and the area to be irrigate .
  5. The drainage outlets .

Survey Construction & Survey Layout

Construction Staking, also known as a Site Layout Survey, is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed new structures such as roads or buildings. Construction staking is performed to ensure a project is built according to engineering design plans. The staked reference points guide the construction of proposed improvements on the property, and will help to ensure the construction project is completed on schedule, on budget and as intended.

Importance of Surveying to Civil Engineers

The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams etc are based upon surveying measurements. Moreover, during execution, project of any magnitude is constructed along the lines and points established by surveying.

    Our principal works in which surveying is primarily utilised are :-

  1. to fix the national and state boundaries
  2. to chart coastlines, navigable streams and lakes
  3. to establish control points
  4. to execute hydrographic and oceanographic charting and mapping
  5. to prepare topographic map of land surface of the earth

The field and office surveying works the company can deliver are :

  1. General surveying and complete surveying works related to production of contours maps, urban planning master plans and maps of water distribution on the ground.

  2. Surveying operations for making maps associated with accurate levelling for the use of new irrigation systems.

  3. Establishment of accurately designed fixed control points “Face One”.

  4. Surveying layout works for the following:
    1. Constructions and concrete and steel structures.
    2. Roads, bridges and dams.
    3. Power lines, water, gas and sewage networks
    4. Agricultural projects and water drainage systems.

  5. Networks budget works and contours maps production.

  6. Designing works for roads, railways, irrigation channels and production of their scheme maps by using Civil3D software.

  7. Making executive master map for roads including length and width sections and quantities control for excavation, backfilling and the materials needed for finishing the road layers.

  8. Special materials control for roads and dams project using EXCEL and Civil3D applications.

  9. The company has the capacity to participate with one or more surveying teams in different projects for carrying out any relevant surveying works.

  10. We offer engineers on all call services: That is to provide complete surveying team fully equipped with tools just on call. We deliver such services to NGOs and organizations that needs frequent surveying works.

  11. Infrastructure projects and extension of utility networks of various types
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