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leica ts07

Leica FlexLine TS07 is a manual total station, enabling you to carry out mid- to high-accuracy survey and stakeout tasks easily and efficiently.

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Leica LS15&LS10

Leica ls15 & ls10 digital levels is a new solution offering experienced measuring professionals automated comfort and reliable accuracy while measuring leveling projects for building, roads, railways and bridges.

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Leica Solutions Aibot

This flying platform is specifically designed for professional industrial applications.

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We provide satellite views.

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totale station trimble s5

1", 2", 3", or 5"
Angular Accuracy
EDM Technology
1.0 mm + 2 ppm Prism / 2.0 mm + 2 ppm DR
EDM Accuracy
Now you only need one instrument on the job site to perform all your data capture. Create 3D models, high accuracy visual site documentation, point clouds, and more using the Trimble S7, Trimble Access™ field software and Trimble Business Center office software.

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trimble r8&r10

The Trimble R8s GNSS receiver gives you just the features and benefits you need,
in one flexible, scaleable system so you can build a system tailored to your job.


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